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Why Turkish Citizenship ?

  • You can travel to more than 120 countries without any Visa requirement with your Turkish passport. You can see the list of visa-free countries at “Visa-free Countries for Turkey” section.

  • Since Turkey is a member of the EU Association Agreement, Turkish Citizens are able to get a long-term Schengen passport in less than a week without any hard work.

  • You can benefit from easy Visa or relocation options for European Union, United States of America, and Canada.

  • Ankara Agreement gives Turkey a special status that allows business people to seLl in United Kingdom. Turkish Citizens are able to get United Kingdom Permanent Residency by Businessperson Visa and have easy access.

  • Turkey is one of the countries included United States E2 Visa Scheme that allows Turkish Citizens to relocate in United States.

  • It is easy to travel or study in Europe and America with your Turkish passport due to the good relations of the countries.

  • Depending on the good relations between Turkey and Russia, diplomats of the two countries are evaluating for visa-free travel option and it is expected in the near future.

  • You can get your Citizenship with a profitable investment in Turkey. You may have a real estate investment that gains value. It is possible to make %5 to %10 yearly profit for renAng and %15 to %40 yearly profit for reselling. Also, you will not pay income tax if you do not sell your property for 5 years.

  • You pay tax only when you have income in Turkey. Turkey has a fair taxation system which requests lower tax amounts from taxpayers comparing to other countries.

  • Turkey has a great environment for living. You can find the high living standards you are looking for in Turkey.

  • No donation required for Turkish Citizenship. Your money will continue to be your money.

  • No wealth declaration needed for Citizenship. Your privacy will continue to be private.

  • You do not need to come to Turkey to invest. InvesAng process can be completed from your country. It is your choice to come to Turkey or not.

  • There is no need to be in Turkey for Citizenship application. Our lawyers will handle everything on your behalf. Of course, we will be happier to see you with us here if you can.

  • You need only a few months to complete your Turkish Citizenship process. It generally takes two to four months before you receive your passport. It means it is a fast Citizenship program.

  • There is no testing process for Citizenship application. You can directly apply for Citizenship.

  • Turkey has no limit for more than one country Citizenship. You may have more than one country Citizenship and it does not affect your Citizenship status in Turkey.

  • You, your spouse, and your children under 18 can be Turkish citizen with one investment. Others who will live with you can get residency permit. You can move to Turkey with your whole family or even with friends by your one investment.

  • After you receive your passport, your Citizenship rights cannot be removed. Also, it is inheritable. Your children and grandchildren and their children... It just goes like this. After your investment, your family and you are Turkish anymore.

  • You can benefit from successful and free health care system. Turkish hospitals and doctors are one of the bests of the world. Turkey has a health tourism sector due to success of Turkish health system.

  • You can reach to top-class education system in Turkey. Also, with your preferred language... All levels of education have remarkably high standards and international environment in Turkey.

  • High standards of living do not mean life is expensive in Turkey. You can achieve high living standards economically. Yes, it is possible in Turkey.

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