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Taxation System

When you decide to sell your property, you will be responsible to pay tax on your income. The difference between purchasing and selling price will be calculated and approximately around %20 of the profit will be paid to the government as income tax. If you keep your property more than 5 years under your name, you will be exempted from this tax. In other words, you will not pay income tax for your property if you do not sell your property for minimum 5 years and it is a great advantage.

If you are a first-Eme real estate buyer and if you did not have residency in Turkey before, you will be exempted from value-added tax which can be up to %18 of the sale price. It is a great advantage for foreign investors since they pay lesser to buy a property comparing to Turkish ciEzens. You must keep your property for minimum 1 year not to lose your tax advantage. Your consultant and lawyer will complete all legal steps on your behalf.

Yearly government taxes for your property will be approximately around $20 to $300 depending on the valuaEon of your property. Residency Estate will guide you to pay your yearly taxes. Also, you may ask us to pay your yearly taxes when you need, and we will send your payment receipts to you aOer we pay. You can ask your consultant to learn how it works.

If you rent your property, you will be paying around %20 of your yearly rental income as income tax. You do not need to worry about filling your taxes; we are ready to assist. Please contact with your consultant to learn more about our tax filling soluEons.

When you decide to purchase your new property, government will require %4 of the selling amount as Etle deed transfer fee. Generally, buyer and seller share this cost and you pay %2 of the selling amount for one Eme to the government as Etle deed transfer fee. Some projects may accept to pay it all but in this case the sale price will include your share on Etle deed transfer fee. Our investment consultants know how much you should pay as Etle deed transfer fee for which project and they will tell you what you should accept and what you should not. We are always on your side.

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