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Consultancy for Real Estate Investment

You can trust our experts to learn the best real estate investment opportunities not only in Turkey but also in a lot of different countries around the world. After learning your expectations, our team will create a custom strategy for you. It is our promise to present you only the right options with the best investment values. You will also learn the necessary investment statistics for the projects we will present to you, so you can feel ready to decide.

Global Citizenship and Residency

Residency Estate offers you consultancy for different citizenship and residency opportunities in a lot of different countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Monaco, Spain, Jersey, United States of America, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, and Vanuatu. We will explain which program is the best for you, so you can feel comfortable before you decide.

Personalized Project Tours

We provide you free transportation options for your convenience. We will come to your address to meet you and we will present you our property options compatible to your expectations. During your project tour, one of our investment consultants will be with you to assist you for your needs. We will guide you through all buying process. You may also let us do the negotiations for you, because we know how much discount you can get. It is our guarantee to offer you the best prices when you visit the projects with us, so you can pay your attention to decide the best choice for you.

Assistance Through All Buying Process

We know it is not easy when you are in a different country to have your tax number, open your bank account, apply for notary services, complete legal translations, etc. We are here to provide you a hassle-free experience. You do not need to worry about any step during your investment process. Anything you need to complete for your process of buying will be done with our guidance, so you will never feel alone.

Title Deed Services

After you buy your property, government will be issuing your title deed. We know the projects we work with and we guarantee you to take your title deed under your name in the shortest possible time. We will be following your process with the project management office and government offices, so you do not need to worry about securing your title deed. We will also check the appraisal reports to make sure the amount you pay is the real value of your property, so you can see the same buying price on your title deed.

Residency Permit Applications

After you own your new property, one of our professional citizenship lawyers will complete all the legal steps and handle the paperwork for you. We will complete all the applications and follow up your process on behalf of you, so you will start your life in your new country very soon.

Citizenship Applications

After you decide your new property, one of our lawyers will contact you to inform you about the necessary documentation you need to provide for your new citizenship application. You can easily collect them, and the rest will be our responsibility. Let us complete all the legal process for you, so you become a citizen of your new country in a few months.

After Sales Services

Our relationship with our clients never ends after they buy. For your yearly tax fillings and tax payments you can trust our solutions. Also, we know your property very well and we can help you with any kind of issues you may experience. For example, would you like to furnish your apartment? Do you need an interior architect? Does your property require maintenance? Do you want to rent or sell your apartment? Do you need an inspection? Do you have any problem with your tenant? Or anything else? We are always here to help, so you take your time for yourself.

Property Resale & Renting

When the time comes to resell or rent your property, our team will navigate you in the real estate market. We know buyers and market values. Leave the pricing and advertising to us. We guarantee you the best possible results, so you can enjoy the easy way of reselling or renting by working with Residency Estate.

Business Registration

If you decide to start your business in a new country, we will assist you through all the registration process. We will inform you about all details and we will support you with our lawyers. Our lawyers can get you running very quick, so you can focus on the needs of your company.

Education Guidance

We can guide you to find best schools or universities. For you or for your children we are ready to guide you for the best education opportunities with a lot of different instruction language options. Your consultant is ready to listen your education needs and complete your application process on your behalf, so you can take your time for yourself before changing your country.

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