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Residence Estate Turkey

Whether by starting your business, attending a study program, finding a job, having a Turkish relative or friend, or purchasing a property; you can get Turkey residency permit fast and easy with Residency Estate. You can also apply for Turkish Citizenship by your $250.000 real estate investment. We are here to assist you for your different needs.

As Residency Estate Turkey, we offer a wide and good selection of property investment options to our clients. We aim to bring together buyers with the quality projects with high investment value in Turkey.

We identify all new projects made or started and aMer examining the status of the construction companies and their position in the sector, we add the selected ones to our portfolio by making agreements. After understanding the expectations of our customers, we determine and present the suitable options among the choices in our portfolio.

Residency Estate Turkey is equipped to be able to offer hundreds of real estate op+ons for you. We are also capable of providing excellent service for the rental and resale of your purchased property in Turkey. Beyond all these, we also support your property's interior design and furniture needs in line with your expectations. With our after-sales support, we provide free service for all your requests regarding your property.

The demands of our foreign customers who request a residency permit or citizenship application are directed to our citizenship lawyers after the completion of the buying process, and their transactions are completed smoothly by professionals.

We guarantee that you will enjoy our quality and professional service that makes real estate investment much easier and profitable. Moreover, we would like to state that the services we will provide you for your property search will be free of charge. We offer you a more affordable, easier, and more professional real estate investment opportunity free of charge, and we are proud of our business model for exactly these reasons.

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