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Purchasing Process

We will understand your purpose of investment and personal expectations.

Your investment consultant will ask you some questions to determine your needs and expectations. This step is the most important step for us since we will complete your property selection special to you after having enough knowledge about your personal situation and expectations. After you tell us your special requirements, we will complete your property search. Residency Estate works with hundreds of real estate projects in Turkey to offer you right options.

We will prepare a special property list for you to present only right estate options.

After your special property selection is ready, your consultant will send you the link where you can check your special property offerings. By using this web link, you will reach all necessary information about the projects. You will evaluate the list with your investment consultant and decide the ones suite your needs and expectations. After this step, we will know which projects are good for you. Your consultant may add a few more choices that he believes you would like, and we will have the final version of your special property selection.

Your consultant will meet you at your address in Turkey to start your personalized project tour.

You will visit the options you may like to see with one of our expert investment consultants. You will have a vehicle with a driver to see your selected projects as free of charge with your investment consultant. At this step, we require you to reserve your 2-3 days to complete visiting our offerings for you. We believe only 1 day is not enough to make a good decision. Your investment consultant will explain you how many days you should be with us before your Turkey trip.

We will support you through all buying process.

We will assist you for steps such as negotiation, agreement, legal services (notary, translation), banking, etc. We know it is not easy to complete these steps when you are in another country. For this reason, your consultant will be with you to guide you through all steps to complete your buying process successfully. This way, you will not feel alone, and you will not lose time.

If you request, our lawyers will get your residency permit or citizenship by your investment.

After you buy your property, our lawyers will be ready for your citizenship or residency permit application. At this stage, it is important to complete your application with a professional citizenship lawyer. Any small mistake can cause a denial of your application. You can get the fastest and successful results with Residency Estate.

We will support you for any needs related to your property after the sale.

As Residency Estate, we will be with you after you buy your new property. For your any need such as renting, reselling, furnishing, and designing you can trust us for a smooth experience. We do not limit our after-sale services. For example, let’s assume you rented your home and you are experiencing some problems with the tenant because they do not pay the rent on time or because they make too much noise and the neighbors have some complaints; we will never say no to help you. We love to help our customers after the sale, too. You can reach your personal consultant any time.

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