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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Turkish Citizenship Law (Turkey Official Gazette 19.09.2018), after owning a property for minimum amount of $250.000, when you apply General Directorate of Land Registry cadaster during the title deed transfer process, your application will be processed by the Turkish government and will be resulted in approximately around four months.

Yes, with your real estate investment for more than $250.000; you, your spouse and your children who are under 17,5 years old can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

Yes, you can buy one or more property with a total of $250.000 to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

No, you do not need to exist in Turkey during your Citizenship process. Our lawyers will be handling all legal work on behalf of you.

Yes, you can keep more than one country Citizenship when you are a ci2zen of Turkey. However, the situation for your original country may be different. You can ask your consultant to learn more about your original country.

Yes, you can get your residency permit by owning any property in Turkey. Our lawyers will be helping you to get your permit after you submit all necessary documentation.

Project developers set the prices for their properties. However, government checks the real value of the properties. Before you buy, an authorized company will evaluate your property and provide an appraisal report. The value on your appraisal report must be looking the same on your title deed.

Every step from the beginning to the end must be perfectly done for your Citizenship approval. For this reason, it is important to complete all these works by an expert investment consultant and a professional Citizenship lawyer. Residency Estate will provide you an experienced investment consultant and Citizenship lawyer for your investment process and Citizenship or residency permit application. Also, working with a real estate agency will guide you to find the right choices with the right prices. With all the services will be provided to you, owning a property will be much easier for you.

Yes, you can apply for a money loan from a Turkish bank. However, their approval procedure may differ from bank to bank and your approval will be depending on the proof of income document you will present to your bank. Also, most of the projects offer in-financing op2ons and you can directly get your loan from the project developers, too.

Your title deed will be issued by government after you complete your payment. Usually, title deed preparation process takes up to 2 weeks.

There are some taxes to pay to the government when you own a property in Turkey. You need to pay %4 tax to the government during your title deed transferring process. Most of the projects we will present to you will accept to pay the half of it for you and you can be responsible for only %2. In addition to this fee, you will be responsible to pay value-added tax if you did benefit from tax exemption before. Value- added tax rates can be %0, %1, %8 or %18 depending on the project. If this is your first investment in Turkey, you can also benefit from the tax exemption opportunity. To be exempted from the value-added tax, you need to prove that you transfer your money from outside of Turkey and from an account belonging to you. Our lawyers and consultants will provide you more information about tax exemption. You can also read “Taxation of Real Estate in Turkey” section to learn more about government taxes for real estate.

In case something happens to owner of the property, his/her belongings will be directly inherited to spouse and children by the Turkish government. Your belongings in Turkey will continue to be yours always.

Yes, you can transfer your money to your original country or any other country. There is no limit on the amount. All you need is submitting your request to your bank and provide an IBAN number that belongs to the account you would like to transfer your money and money transferring process will be completed in 2-3 days.

Yes, you will pay approximately around %20 of your profit as capital gain tax when you decide to sell your property in the first 5 years. after 5 years, you will be exempted from this tax. For Citizenship, you need to keep your property minimum 3 years and to avoid capital gain tax which is also known as income tax you need to keep your property for 5 years.

Yes, you can rent your property and continue to keep your Turkish passport. As Residency Estate, we can help you to rent your home. Also, we can help you to collect your rental income or to pay your yearly income taxes for your rent income. You can contact your consultant to learn more about our solutions.

The amount you pay for your property must be equal or more than $250.000 at the day your Citizenship application submitted. It is recommended to invest a few thousands more to guarantee the minimum amount required to apply for Citizenship in case any currency change occurs.

Your Citizenship application will be completed during your title deed transfer. However, government will finalize your application. It generally takes up to 4 months to complete all the stages.

Yes, you can. A lot of investors prefer this op2on to make more profit. However, only projects that have all the permits and approvals from the government are eligible for Citizenship application. All projects we will offer you will be available for Citizenship application if you are planning to apply for Citizenship.

Yes, you can. You can open your bank account with the guidance of your consultant easily.

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